Marriage Referendum ‘Maybe Side’ Stage March In Dublin


LARGE crowds gathered in the Nation’s capital earlier today as the Maybe side in the upcoming Marriage Referendum staged its first march.

The Maybe side, made up of staunch supporters of the ‘I haven’t made up my mind yet’ movement, began their march at Parnell Square, finishing up outside Leinster House.

Chants of ‘I think I just need to do a bit more research to be honest’, ‘why is everyone talking about children, I thought this was about marriage? I’m confused’ and ‘I think I’ll read up on it closer to the day itself’ were heard bellowed out from a boisterous crowd believed to be several thousand in number.

At Leinster House the crowd was with into a frenzy by a man screaming out ‘What do we want’ and ‘When do we want it’ who prompted those in attendance to shrug their shoulders.

WWN spoke to one of the chief organisers of today’s march in order to get to the bottom of the ideology behind the Maybe movement.

“Ah, I’m just not sure like, to be honest,” Emily Warren, one of the organisers told to WWN, “I’d come from a fairly apolitical background. In the past for other referendums I sort of checked to see if something was going to be passed, like that children’s referendum and then I just wouldn’t vote because I knew there was no point, it was passing without me”.

“I firmly believe in this position,” added another organiser Dara Hughes, “the Yes and No are attacking us from all angles, but I just think right now that I don’t know, OK? I just don’t bloody know yet”.

Placards promoting the Maybe side agenda were clearly visible on the streets of Dublin. ‘My lack of interest in the subject at hand means I haven’t bothered forming an opinion yet’ along with ‘Maybe careful now?’ and ‘Not sure if we should be down with this sort of thing or not’ were proving the most popular declarations on protester posters.