30% Increase In Things Being Blamed On The Boogie


blame it on the boogie

LEADING researchers at the Institute of Leading Research have gathered the first conclusive proof that humans have increased the number of things they’re blaming on the boogie by 30%.

“We’ve found a good degree of pride is factored into the decision to blame things on the boogie,” explained Professor Hans Von Lauden, “it doesn’t matter if a person knocks over a glass or bumps into someone by accident they rarely want to take the blame and thus place it elsewhere. Which is now more frequently placed at the feet of the boogie”.

Researchers interviewed 10,000 people in their groundbreaking study, which saw them drag up incidents which people were ashamed of or kept secret, asking them again if certain things could be classed as their fault.

“You know the way ya just don’t like to admit that, like, sometimes ya can be a bit thick,” explained study participant Michael Drummond, “like I stubbed my toe there last week on the coffee table but ya never want to blame yourself so you’ve got to blame it on something just to cover your arse”.

Taking the blame for something that was unquestionably your fault can cause a great deal of psychological torment in stubborn individuals and this is what Professor Von Lauden credits with bringing about an increase in so-called ‘boogie blaming’.

“Yes Mr. Michael Jackson popularised the moment, but people forget his song was also a cry for help as he admitted he no longer had the ability to control his feet, this 30% is more likely down to the fact people really hate being wrong or at fault,” Professor Von Lauden confirmed.

Previously younger brothers and sisters were a more popular avenue to send the blame in the direction of.