TDs Return To Dáil After 2016 Easter Break


THE MUCH anticipated return of TDs to the Dáil since they broke for their lengthy Easter break in April of 2016 last year has arrived, with all TDs expected to make an appearance in Leinster house this week.

Politicians, known for their lengthy breaks, defended not being present in the Irish public sphere since April 2016 by stating they intend to work incredibly hard until their next Dáil recess which is probably next week sometime. Their words seemingly dismissing the Irish public’s frustration at a lack of legislation being passed or any semblance of evidence that a government is actually operating in Ireland currently.

“They had that whole election thing last year, and that left them exhausted, I’m sure. I can only imagine, but it’s nice they got a little rest and are back after a short break,” shared one member of the public WWN spoke to, who seemed more sympathetic to their plight. However, not everyone WWN spoke shared this sentiment.

“It’s about time if you ask me, this place has gone to the dogs without a government in place,” another, more disgruntled member of the public shared, long irritated by the break TDs have taken, which now stands at nearly 400 days.

“And it’ll be great that opposition TDs are back too. Finally, we’ll have someone to hold the government to account on so many vital issues. Maybe now that they’re all back after their Easter 2016 break, we’ll get to see a government in place, doing its job, passing legislation and all that. I can’t wait, we won’t know ourselves,” added the voter.