Gardaí Called In As Teachers On Midterm Caught Hanging Around Lidl Scaring The Elderly


GARDAÍ in Waterford have today been called in to resolve the worsening problem of teachers loitering outside shops while on midterm.

WWN can exclusively reveal that as many as 12 gardaí descended on the Lidl on the Tramore road in a bid to disperse the gang of teachers who seem to have nothing better to be doing with their time at all at all.

“I can confirm a group teachers have been passing sly comments and raising their hands at the elderly as they try to do their shopping,” confirmed Garda Tom Kinsella.

This midterm has been relatively quiet on the student front as the majority begin to knuckle down ahead of summer exams.

“The sight is quite intimidating,” revealed pensioner John Martin, “and the noise of them. Screeching at one another, and laughing like hyenas. You’d swear they hadn’t seen each other in years the way they carry on. One of the fuckers spat on me yesterday as I went into the shops”.

Kinsella and other Gardaí arrived on the scene after reports of teachers also shifting one another near the goods delivery entrance.

“We employed a forceful tactic of telling the teachers to ‘fuck off home now will ya’ and it seems to have done the job for the time being,” Kinsella added.

Kinsella could not confirm to WWN if any spliffs or cans were found, but did confirm the presence of a bag of Taytos that seemed to have been used as a make shift condom.

“The sooner this lot are back in school the better. Blue in the face telling them to piss off from the shop,” added Lidl manager Karl Kinlan.

WWN spoke to one teacher who said they wouldn’t have to hang around Lidl if there were ‘something decent to do around this kip’.