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Loser Still Not Getting It

DESPITE having the American people, countless failed lawsuits and now the electoral college confirming the results of the 2020 US election for him, one loser is still not getting it. The individual, having lost more money than anyone else in America in the 1980s, is believed to be well versed in losing, if not the… Read more »

Only Four Stabbed And One Shot In Surprisingly Calm Trump Rally

ONGOING protests surrounding the result of the US presidential election resulted in a surprisingly small number of injuries yesterday, after clashes between Antifa and the Proud Boys turned out to be downright civilised compared to what had been expected. The Proud Boys, an anti anti-fascist organisation who are somehow not fascists, clashed with pro-Biden supporters… Read more »

Fears Nigeria Descending Into America-Like Conditions Of Societal Breakdown

ANTI-POLICE brutality protests in Nigeria have seen western media concerned the country may be suffering the kind of societal unrest and disintegration more closely associated with a dysfunctional, inequality riven country like America. After protests resulted in the disbandment of controversial Special Anti-Robbery Squad which has been accused of extra-judicial killings, broader protests calling for… Read more »

The Second Trump-Biden Debate Has Been Cancelled, But Here’s How It Would Have Gone

THE October 15th ‘virtual debate’ between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been called off after Trump refused to participate; but by using sophisticated AI, we’ve been able to create a near-flawless rendition of what would have went down. We forced a specially-programmed bot to consume hours of Trump’s 2016 debates and… Read more »