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The Second Trump-Biden Debate Has Been Cancelled, But Here’s How It Would Have Gone

THE October 15th ‘virtual debate’ between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been called off after Trump refused to participate; but by using sophisticated AI, we’ve been able to create a near-flawless rendition of what would have went down. We forced a specially-programmed bot to consume hours of Trump’s 2016 debates and… Read more »

A Timeline Of How Trump Contracted Covid-19

IT’S the news that has rocked the world, US president Donald Trump, in the middle of a reelection campaign and weeks out from polling day, has tested positive for Covid-19. How did the conscientious leader, who has always stressed the importance of undermining health authorities and guidelines come to contract the virus which has cost… Read more »

Trump Voters Unaffected By Brain Eating Amoeba

HEALTH AUTHORITIES in the US state of Texas have issued a ‘disaster order’ after a brain eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, was found in the state’s water supply. Despite several reported deaths, supporters of US president Donald Trump have recorded zero ill effects when coming into contact with the brain eating amoeba and closer examination could… Read more »