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You’d Miss Trump All The Same, Finds Study

THE kick-off of the impeachment trial of former US president Donald Trump has brought with it a welcomed burst of ‘Trumpy-ness’ that has been missing from life since Trump left office in January, research has shown. The Senate took to the floor yesterday to vote on whether or not Trump’s second impeachment was constitutional and… Read more »

White House Unveil Official Lapdog

US PRESIDENT Joe Biden has unveiled an official White House lapdog to compliment ‘First Dogs’ Champ and Major, WWN understands. “Oh Boris is very attentive, but sadly not too bright. He does hang on President Biden’s every word though,” shared one official with knowledge of the talking Biden has done towards his new lapdog. Like… Read more »

Kamala Harris Hoping Inauguration Fireworks Enough To Finish Biden

INCOMING US Vice-President Kamala Harris has cleared her search history ahead of today’s inauguration ceremony, to ensure that nobody sees that her most-searched Google terms include ‘how much pressure can an old man heart take’, ‘sudden noises old man heart attack’, ‘old man drops dead following fireworks’ and ‘Joe Biden family history heart trouble’, WWN… Read more »