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Our 10 Euros Predictions

WITH the beginning of Euro 2020 just hours away albeit 12 months late, WWN Sport shares its 10 predictions for a tournament set to be jam packed with drama: 1) The official Euro 2020 mascot will haunt your dreams. No matter how many times your therapist tells you ‘Skillzy’ can’t hurt you, you will spend… Read more »

“Can’t Even Properly Enjoy Mourinho Sacking With All This Super League Carry On” Claim Distraught Football Fans

FOOTBALL fans who would usually be beside themselves with glee at news of a Jose Mourinho being sacking complained that it has been near impossible to derive endless joy from such things, on account of ‘all that super league drama carry on’. “Normally now the WhatsApp group would be Mourinho-meme central, we’re talking videos of… Read more »

Becoming A Jockey ‘Never Occurred’ To Tiny Little Man

AS the Cheltenham Festival rolls around for another year, diminutive local man Eric Waverly is bracing himself for a slew of ‘would you not have given that a go?’ questions from friends and family, despite having never shown any interest in becoming a jockey whatsoever. “People think just because I’m under 5 foot tall, I’d… Read more »

Tiger Woods Emerges From Surgery With Golf Club For Leg

RELIEVED that 15-time major winner Tiger Woods’ suffered multiple fractures in his ankle following a crash yesterday but avoiding life threatening injuries, there was further welcome news for golf fans as Woods emerged from UCLA medical centre showing off his new experimental golf-club-for-a-leg surgery. Famous for battling through countless injuries and trying to eek out… Read more »

Man Out Jogging With Friends Never Shuts The Fuck Up

FRIENDS and acquaintances of Dublin man Jeremy Hayes have today staged an intervention for the jogging enthusiast over his continued tirade of absolute shite talk while running, calling on him to just take the time to casually chat now and again and enjoy the moment. Hellbent on proving how fit he is by continually waffling,… Read more »