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Adidas To Trial Experimental 4th Stripe

A CRACK TEAM of scientists and fashion experts based at Adidas headquarters in Germany are believed to closer than ever to a breakthrough which allow them to add an unprecedented 4th stripe to their range of clothing and footwear. Tense experimentation has become commonplace in the Adidas laboratories has the volatile conditions surrounding so-called ‘4th… Read more »

Local Man Asked To Stop Comparing Every Sport To Hurling

WATERFORD man William Shannon has been begged by his family and friends to just try and enjoy sports that aren’t hurling, without griping about how the athletes and competitors aren’t as hardy as hurlers, or how the action is slow-paced compared to a hotly contested All-Ireland quarter-final where there’s ‘sliotairs getting leathered around the place’…. Read more »

Mike Tyson Reassures Ronaldo Everybody Forgets About It Eventually

AS reports of accusations of rape made against the world’s most recognisable athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo, slowly but surely begin to make page 48 of a few newspapers, boxing legend Mike Tyson has spoken publicly to reassure Ronaldo people just sort of forget about you raping someone sometimes when you’re famous enough. Tyson, jailed for 6… Read more »

Argumentative Assholes Suddenly Discover Interest In Tennis

THE SPORT of tennis has recorded a sudden and unprecedented number of new fans, all seemingly from the same corner of world where the Earth’s argumentative assholes live and breathe. The huge surge in popularity and increased coverage in the media has stemmed from Naomi Osaka’s historic US Open tennis victory as she became the… Read more »