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Irish Rugby Bandwagon Enjoys First Week Off In Ages

THE LONGTIME operator of the Irish rugby bandwagon service has admitted to being relieved after learning he will have his first week off in over a year following last week’s demoralising loss to England in the 6 Nations, WWN has learned. “Usually I’m inundated with calls from people looking for a lift to the stadiums… Read more »

Rugby For Wankers Anyway, Agree Irish

A NEWLY-produced report on the relevance of the game of rugby to Irish people has shown that ‘it’s just a load of old bollocks for sad bastards’, and has little or no merit in the grander scheme of things. The study was started on Saturday at around half past six, roughly around the time that England… Read more »

Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan Named In Ireland’s 6 Nations Squad

THE BIG TAKEAWAY from Joe Schmidt’s 6 Nations squad announcement is that there’s a place for Leinster’s uncapped prop Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan Jr, or Turlough O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd for short. A name not on many people’s radar 12 months ago, O’Brien Kennedy O’Dowd Moriarty Shanahan’s progress through the ranks was delayed somewhat… Read more »

Common Person Under Impression He Can Like Rugby Too

A COMMON-as-fuck lower-middle class type who doesn’t live in an affluent area is for some reason under the impression that he has the right to enjoy this weekend’s rugby clash between Ireland and New Zealand as anyone else, WWN has learned. Derek Carron, 47, is looking forward to watching the match with his pals in a frightfully… Read more »