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The 5 Best Kids Shows From The 90’s

1) Bosco Nights Short lived but critically acclaimed Bosco spin off, which saw Bosco solve crimes at night. Prematurely cancelled after the episode in which Bosco crossed the line and murdered loveable sidekick prostitute Jessie after finding himself in a drunken rage after she had given Bosco gonorrhoea aired. Despite only lasting 12 episodes, who… Read more »

5 Things You Can Do With Your Irish Water Bill

With the first batch of Irish Water bills arriving at homes across the country today, we here at WWN have put together 5 things you can do with them in case you were unsure. 1) Play Table Tennis With It That’s right, this first bill is packed with leaflets and information making it quite heavy and durable enough to play table tennis with. Holding… Read more »

5 Greatest Marilyn Monroe Quotes

One of the most inspiring individuals to ever grace the face of the earth, Monroe continues to provide the world with thousands of Facebook status worthy quotes. Here’s the definitive list of Monroe quotes. 1) “I was divorced three times and had substance abuse problems. In the event of my death it may be wise… Read more »

6 Of The Best Ways To Eat A Bagel

It’s hard to boil down the eating of a bagel to just 6 paltry options, but trust us when we tell you that these are truly the 6 most essential ways to eat that treasured bread based product. 1 – Often when eating a bagel the element of surprise is key. An unsuspecting bagel is… Read more »

7 Problems Only A Racist Will Understand

WWN knows that there are certain things you just can’t explain as a racist to those who aren’t racist. They totes don’t get it! There are classic everyday problems that mean sometimes you can’t even. So if you’re racist these problems are absolutely something you will totally identify with. 1) Did you leave your house… Read more »