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Confusion Over As ‘Miserable Weather Outside’ Confirmed By Old Woman In Post Office

TENS of confused people were said to be ‘alleviated’ today after an elderly woman confirmed there was ‘miserable weather outside’ whilst waiting in a queue for the post office. Sources say many customers were disorientated when they initially entered the building; not knowing what the hell was happening outside. “I remember having my umbrella up… Read more »

Horse Still Waiting To Be Brought To France

THE Department of Agriculture has been asked to investigate the sad and troubling case of a horse which has been waiting to go to its new home in France for over a decade. It is believed a minefield of EU regulations and red tape coupled with a bitter family feud have been key factors in… Read more »

Irish Astronomer Discovers Previously Unknown ‘Rave Nebula’

LOCATED 20 billion million trillion light years away, towards the constellation of Technics, the Rave Nebula was discovered and named by Irish astronomer Dave Grennan yesterday evening, from his back garden in Raheny, Dublin. “This dazzling stellar nursery appears to be currently exposed to massive amounts of pulsating radiation belts measuring a whopping 180Ghz per… Read more »