5 Ways To Reduce Stress


HAS there ever been a generation more afflicted by such high stress levels than this current one? Trying to strike that work/life balance, paying bills, keeping a roof over your head – it can take all your energy sometimes to just keep on keeping on, suppressing that stress until you’re old enough to die of a premature heart attack.

It is with this interminable weight on the shoulders of the ordinary person in mind that WWN has constructed a number of tips which will aide in the great de-stressing of your life.

1) Build a ‘scream box’

Can be made out of an old cardboard box or anything along those lines but must be affixed to a wall at head height and have a hole that can fit your head cut into it. Make one for work and home.

It is in here you can scream loudly to your heart’s content during particularly stressful intervals. Work colleague not pulling his weight? Passed over for a promotion? Forced to work late? Or just under 40 and living in Ireland? Off to the scream box with you.

2) Sorry, you might want to try screaming a little louder there

Yeah, don’t apologise or anything, it’s fine. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking a brief 75% screaming for a few seconds reduces stress to a manageable level. Not the case, as studies have clearly shown. Get in there now and scream for a good 5 minutes at 100% maximum volume. That’s it. You’ll know it’s working when your lungs start to hurt.

3) Turn your scream box into your quiet box

This works for some people. Instead of screaming into your scream box, go and place your head into what is now a ‘quiet box’, this will be the location for blissful and serene time outs.

4) Wait, so does that mean the world is then your scream box?

Yes, brilliantly observed. Now, upon exiting the quiet box unleash your unbridled fury at the world around you. It might not be everyones’ fault that you’re overworked, underpaid, have no prospect of being financially comfortable at any point in your life thanks to the cost living rising while wages in real terms effectively stalled back in 2009 but hey, you should let everyone know you’re not happy about it.

5) If none of these steps worked…

You could try relying on society at large, working together in unison for the betterment of everyone’s wellbeing, fusing collectively to strategically improve all areas of life, public and private or…no, yeah, it’s off to the scream box again for another 5 minutes, isn’t it?