Latest Online Craze Called ‘Fuck Pepples’ Or Something


ACCORDING to a number of articles appearing online the latest trend and/or craze involving young people is called ‘fuck pepples’ or some shit, and will SHOCK you.

Fuck Pepples or whatever it’s called originated in America and requires young impressionable adults to DARE each other to take part.

What pepples are is unclear, as is the relevance of ‘fuck’ to the pepples, but what is clear is that young people are likely dying in truly idiotic circumstances.

“Do they actually have sex with a pepple? Is it not a pebble or something, no?” inquired one worried parent, who felt even more worried for their child after reading an article like this, which only exists to make parents cower in fear.

WWN Viral can confirm we can’t keep up with whatever shit young people are doing these days, and we are not all that certain that the craze is even called Fuck Pepples.

What is clear is that the craze will only spread further and involve more children now that we, along with 100s of other publications have promoted the craze in articles.

Could Fuck Pepples involve young men stretching out their foreskin so it can be used as a makeshift skipping rope? Possibly, we may never know.

One thing is for certain is that we can’t rule out that Fuck Peppling is well mawkey dandruff in the extreme, that’s young people speak for ‘it will kill you if done incorrectly’.

While we don’t have any official figures relating to Fuck Pepples we estimate that over 44 million people have died from partaking in the reckless act, whatever it is.