How Many 6th Place ‘You’re A Star’ Contestants Can You Name?


YOU’RE A Star was the little Irish talent show that could. It surpassed all its talent show competition expectations and supremely trounced foreign imports such as Pop Idol and The X Factor.

We don’t need to remind you of the vast array of talent that passed through the You’re A Star auditions and went on to win the competition achieving a life long career of fame, fortune and recognition.

Today, we’re here to test your knowledge of those contestants that placed 6th overall in the Nationwide search for half decent looking people with half decent voices.



The first series of the show made a huge impact on the Irish TV viewing public, but do these guys ring a bell? The Polish national orchestra entered the first You’re A Star series as they were all working on building sites in Dublin at the time. Their innovative use of sledgehammers in their stirring rendition of a Danny Boy/Beethoven’s 5th made a lasting impression on everyone. Sadly, it was not enough the beat out whoever finished 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st that year.



They say sequels are never better than the originals, but someone obviously forgot to tell series 2 of You’re A Star. Straight out the gates, at the very first audition, which really is the iconic You’re A Star audition, this little known singing sensation made her debut. Are you drawing a blank? It was a drum and bass version of the Bosco theme tune? Still nothing? Then, with her thick north Dublin accent still in tact, Ballymun’s Beyonce underwhelmed throughout, but stayed in the competition to finish ahead of some people and behind others.


ray d'arcy

Still not ringing a bell after seeing his face above? It’s actually Ray D’Arcy, who hosted the talent show for 3 successful seasons, before sensationally quitting in order to compete in the 4th season of You’re A Star. While it’s all been quiet for Ray since giving the old singing a go, we hope he’s doing well. He was a bookie’s favourite for some time on the show, but his hand fart interpretation of Eminem’s Stan disappointed and he was voted off.



A real favourite with audiences, come on you remember? Go on, have a guess. It is of course a pineapple which was left outside the Helix theatre in DCU where You’re A Star was filmed. Capturing the hearts of the Nation, the orphaned pineapple, which was subsequently reunited with the fruit section of a nearby Tesco put in several powerful non verbal performances but ultimately failed to finish higher than an admirable 6th place.



You’re A Star was hosted by Noreen Kennedy, the RTÉ canteen lady, at this point as even Brian Ormond had jumped ship to the more lucrative position of Jobseeker’s Allowance. We think you’d be a seriously die hard You’re A Star fan if you got this one. This is Mark Adkins, a marketing student at DCU who happened to be walking passed the Helix as RTÉ were filming their no longer a hit show. By virtue of being the only person who entered Mark technically finished first, but seeing as no one else even auditioned, we could say he also finished in every other position including 6th. Fair play Mark.