Conor McGregor Leaves Fans Concerned As He Hasn’t Been Up In Court For An Entire Month


FANS OF former UFC champion Conor McGregor have voiced their concerns this week online after noticing he hasn’t been up in court in almost an entire month.

Regularly keeping in the news with assaults, traffic offences and being a general gobshite, McGregor’s well-paid PR team have somehow managed to fill the dead air with a flurry of tabloid fluff pieces lifted from his social media profiles, showcasing him as a doting father and not someone who causes mayhem between losing fights.

“Usually there’s rumours of him impregnating fans or assaulting old men or women, but nothing has surfaced like that in almost four weeks,” one die-hard fan told WWN, who would literally die for McGregor if he asked him to, “bring back the old Conor any day with his boisterous going-ons and gas shenanigans”.

“I just fear he might level out now and become one of those boring martial artists who just does it for the sport and not the fame and fortune,” another fan gave, “another week of no court appearances and I’m out”.

“He could have fell in with the wrong crowd of wealthy business people who can simply just hush up things with money,” added one commentator, “I preferred him when he was hanging around with his mates linked to cartel figures whose rivals were petrol bombing his pubs, now it’s all yachts this, hanging out of celebrities that – for the love of God, Conor, just smash up a hotel room or something!”