Magician David Copperfield In Court Over Hundreds Of Disappeared Women


ONE OF America’s most famous magicians appeared in a New York court yesterday afternoon over the alleged disappearance of some 400 female assistants spanning over a 40 year period.

David Seth Kotkin, known by his stage name David Copperfield, was sworn in using a bible which he later turned into a bunch of flowers following his oath, before been warned by the judge that he was in contempt of court and made take the oath again.

“Mr. Copperfield, as much as everyone here may like magic, this isn’t the time or the place,” Judge Casey Robison addressed the defendant.

Apologising, Copperfield took to the stand where he proceeded to answer some tough questions relating to the whereabouts of some 423 women who had allegedly disappeared during his live stage shows which he toured at various locations around the world.

“I have no idea where they went,” the 61-year-old claimed, now pulling a string of multi coloured handkerchiefs from his ear to wipe a tear from his face, “they just stand in the box, and when I open it they’re gone.

Breaking down on the witness stand, Copperfield admitted making the women sign an extensive contract that waived any liability if they were ever to suddenly go missing.

“It’s not something magicians really think about,” he said, before a recess was called by the judge by the sudden appearance of a rabbit in the courtroom.

The trial is expected to last for the next 12 weeks during which previous assistants are expected to take the stand, including 7 women who were cut in half by Copperfield and 2 who still suffer from spontaneous levitations.