COYBIG! Ireland Voted 6th Best Tax Haven In The World


IRISH eyes were indeed smiling at the weekend, following the news that this little country is now the 6th best place in the world for corporations to set up shop and pay ‘fuck all tax’ while doing so.

‘COYBIG’ trended on Twitter following the release of a survey by Oxfam that listed the countries with the best track record for corporate tax chicanery, with Ireland just behind Switzerland, Singapore, the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands, and Bermuda.

“The name on the survey is ‘worst’ tax havens… but surely if we’re in the top ten, that makes it the ‘best’ tax haven, no?” said one delighted man spotted running up and down O’Connell street draped in a tricolour with the words ‘you’ll never beat the Irish’ written on it.

“Either way, it just goes to show how Ireland is the fucking best country in the world. There’s nothing we can’t do; rugby, soccer, boxing, UFC, letting huge multi-national corporations ride us rotten… we’re just the best”.

Although the mood of the Nation was upbeat, several members of government have admitted that they had hoped to be placed higher than 6th on the list, and are already putting into place a series of sweeteners and loopholes to allow companies to pay even less tax in 2017, in a bid to top next year’s poll.