Vince McMahon Wrestles His Conscience At Wrestlemania


SPORTS entertainment fans were treated to an unscheduled bout at last night’s Wrestlemania event in Texas, when WWE boss Vince McMahon took to the ring and grappled with his conscience for 30 minutes.

The bout was dubbed the highlight of the night, as the 70-year-old billionaire came to grasps with decades of his own ruthlessness and moral lapses in front of a sold-out AT&T Stadium in Texas.

For many fans, it was a clash decades in the making, as McMahon finally wrestled with the demons of multiple scandals, including sexual harassment allegations, steroid abuse allegations, and the early deaths of dozens of men and women in their prime.

“It was a hellacious slobberknocker alright,” said one life-long wrestling fan, who had always wanted to see Vince finally get to grips with his conscience.

“And indeed, it was a bout we thought we’d never see. Vince has gone this long without wrestling his conscience, so it was believed that it would remain a fabled ‘dream match’. But to see him finally grapple with the human tragedy he is personally responsible for as well as the untold damage that he has done to the wrestling industry, well, it was just amazing!”

Battered and bruised at the hands of his conscience, McMahon was eventually able to score a pinfall victory following a run-in by both his bank balance and his ego.