Suspicions Grow After Man’s Suntan Still Here 3 Months Later


LOCAL man Graham Denning’s swarthy tan cultivated while on holidays in Malta during the summer has aroused suspicion among his friends by still being as intense, if not more intense, after three months of cold Waterford drizzle and misery.

Denning, 27, headed on the sunny island holiday with three of his friends in mid-July, and picked up what was described as ‘a lovely colour’ over the two weeks he spent there.

However, the Tramore native has been the subject of extreme suspicion due to the fact that his tan hasn’t faded a day, unlike his pals who are currently as white as sheets.

This has lead many of Denning’s pals to believe that there may be some sort of artificial tanning process at play, either sunbeds of bottles of tinted moisturiser, something that Graham stringently denies.

“Nah, I just picked it up on holidays, didn’t I?” stressed Denning, spotted in the vicinity of one of Waterford’s leading tanning salons.

“Yeah I lay out every day and I suppose I just soaked up way more sun than the other lads, that’s why I’m still this lovely deep brown colour. I think it looks good, I’ll be sad when it fades. But sunbeds? Nah, not for me, that’s too girly like”.

Dennings pals have stressed on numerous occasions that they ‘don’t give a bollocks’ if he’s using sunbeds, but he’s taking the piss if he thinks they believe he has ‘tanned genes’.