Mother Of IT Support Technician To Continue Saying Her Son “Works At Computers”


THE mother of a successful IT technician has admitted in an exclusive interview that despite being told many times what her son does, she hasn’t a clue and will continue to tell people that he does “something in computers”.

Margaret Sheehan, a Carlow mother of two grown sons, told friends and family at a recent get-together that her eldest son Michael has a good job up in Dublin, although became less chatty when pressed for further details.

“He… works in computers”, said Mrs. Sheehan, visibly struggling to explain her son’s job. “It’s computer work, that kind of thing, you know. If you had a computer, he could work at it for you. Something at computers, but very well paid altogether”.

Mrs. Sheehan’s son Michael was approached for comment on the matter, and reacted with exasperation when told that his mam still hasn’t quite got the hang of what an IT support technician really does.

“It’s not like this is something I started last week”, sighed Sheehan, chief IT technician for a prominent Dublin business.

“This goes all the way back to college when I studied computer programming before branching into software development, then moving into IT support. Throughout the whole lot, Mam would just keep telling people that I ‘did computers’… I’ve explained it to her a thousand times, but I still don’t know if she knows what IT stands for”.

“Although proudly boasting about her son’s career “in computers” Mrs. Sheehan refused to be drawn on her second son Stephen, who is currently in jail for GBH.