“I Had A Tough Life Too But You Don’t Hear Me Complaining” Confirms Daddy’s Little Princess


A LOCAL DUBLIN woman has hit out at people who expect ‘something for nothing’, and occupy themselves by doing nothing but moaning about all and any slight they feel life has dealt them, WWN can reveal.

Clara Hanning, a 27-year-old woman living at home and driving a car her father paid for despite the fact she derives income from a well paid job, has confessed to being fed up with how people go on and on about having a tough life.

“You think I’ve had it easy? I haven’t, believe me,” explained Hanning, who has had it very easy.

“I’ve had a very tough life,” shared Hanning, alluding to an incident in her childhood when she received an iPad, iPhone and flights to New York for Christmas from her parents but no spending money.

“But Jesus, I don’t make a big deal out of it,” said Hanning, who according to eyewitness testimony heard by WWN, made a very big deal out the suggestion by her mother that she put money towards household bills.

“I’m not going to get into on here, but oh my God, shut up with your ‘my life is so hard’, my life has been tough, but I’m not going to sit around and complain like some people,” Hanning shared in a Facebook status, believed to a veiled attack on one of her friends who was recently diagnosed with a debilitating illness shortly after losing her job and burying both her parents.

Hanning, who splits her time between Dublin and city breaks paid for by her parents that look great on her Instagram, has been praised by some for ‘saying the unsayable’.

“It takes a lot to call people out, and I’ve worked for everything I’ve earned in life,” Hanning said, in praise of herself, and her ability to be hired by her parents for a position in the family business she would have been qualified for if she hadn’t dropped out of college, three times, at great financial cost to someone other than Hanning herself.