Organisation With Long History Of Spying On People May Be Spying On People: WikiLeaks


WIKILEAKS has rocked the world with its latest tranche of classified information, some 8,761 documents which suggests the CIA, an organisation which has a long history of spying on foreign countries and US citizens could be continuing such work in 2017.

“Are you fuckers sitting down, ‘cus we’re about to blow your mind,” a WikiLeaks spokesperson asked in a statement before sharing the biggest leak in the CIA’s history, which confirmed almost everything that people previously suspected the CIA of doing.

The leak, labelled ‘Vault 7’ by WikiLeaks, reveals the methods used by the CIA when hacking phones and other electronic devices. The fallout from Vault 7 has already led experts to shrug their shoulders and declare “yup, we figured they were doing that”.

Based in Virginia, the CIA has a long history of taking a softly softly approach to intelligence operations by instigating and aiding coups in Guatemala, Iran and countless other countries as well as selling weapons to terrorist organisations.

Despite such an illustrious history, some members of the public doubt the evidence contained in Vault 7.

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe an organisation which tried to train soldiers to blow up goats with their minds, would be crazy enough to hack your Samsung TV,” one Washington DC resident we spoke to claimed.

However, there were some dissenting voices.

“Right, yeah, I sort of just presumed they had hacked everything on my phone, my TV, my pocket calculator and the diary that I keep beside my bed in a vault. They’re probably recording this conversation right now, and if they have our internet search history well then, we’re all fucked. Welcome to 2017,” shared one weary individual whose attachment to her privacy has been slowly worn down over the years.

Experts are still trying to determine if the leak came from within the CIA or was a strategic attempt by Russia to share what they know on the inner workings of the CIA to further encourage President Trump to spiral into a paranoid state in which he believes everyone except his beloved Vladimir is plotting against him.