Too Warm For Coat But Too Cold For Just A Jumper, Confirms Local Woman


A LOCAL Waterford woman found herself trapped in fresh torment after discovering Ireland’s weather has entered its bizarre Bermuda Triangle phase, with temperatures fluctuating from lows of -12 degrees to highs of 47 degrees.

Elaine Bunty (29), with an address in the Waterford area of Europe, has found herself caught between sweating profusely due to the humidity while also risking frostbite when not wearing a coat.

Bunty had left her home to begin her 20 minute walk to work at 8.35am this morning wearing a coat, basing her decision to wrap up on the fact there were swirling winds, grey clouds and Arctic like conditions on foot.

However, in a matter of minutes the customer care rep risked overheating and boiling in her own sweat as it was significantly warmer than first thought.

“I don’t know what to do,” Bunty explained to WWN as she curled up in a ball, staving off the unforgiving cold now that she had taken off her coat, leaving her wearing just a top.

“I’ve 20 minutes of this walk left, and it’s a choice between dying from the heat or the cold. What the fuck is going on?” Bunty ventured further, highlighting the worrisome conditions out there for commuters this week.

Met Éireann have confirmed that the best method for coping with this these conditions involves wearing a massive coat for 30 seconds to heat up, before switching to just wearing your underwear in order to cool down and repeating this cycle until you reach your destination.