Campaign Launched To Get ‘Geebag’ Into Oxford English Dictionary


FOLLOWING an announcement that 1,000 new words, including ‘moobs’ and ‘cheeseball’ would be added to the 2017 edition of the Oxford English dictionary, a group of Irish linguists have launched a campaign to have ‘geebag’ accepted next year.

Geebag, a combination of the words ‘gee’ meaning vagina and ‘bag’ meaning bag, has become one of the most commonly used terms in Irish life, with the average person describing someone or something as a geebag roughly once every four minutes.

The phrase, used to describe someone acting in a geebag-ish manner or just being a bit of a geebag, was originally coined in Dublin before spreading across the country, with even people on Valentia island describing each other as ‘total geebags’ throughout 2016.

With the word now baked into the Irish lexicon, the ‘Justice 4 Geebag’ movement believes that it has earned a place in the OED, and are demanding its inclusion in the 2018 edition.

“If they can put ‘Oompa-Loompa’ in the dictionary, then they can put geebag in,” said Shauna Gilligan, spokesperson for Justice 4 Geebag and self-confessed geebag in her own right.

“It’s somewhat racist to refuse to acknowledge a word just because it’s Irish. You can’t say that geebag isn’t used often enough; why, just last week our president Michael D. Higgins went on the news and called Angela Merkel a total fucking geebag”.

Should the J4G movement prove successful, there may be similar campaigns for ‘mucksavage’ and ‘catmalogen’.