US Police Admit Shooting Unarmed White Man To Prove They’re Not Racist


A CLOUD of controversy has gathered over US police after they admitted to shooting dead an unarmed white man in an effort to conclusively prove that there isn’t an endemic problem of racism within their ranks.

“Come on, you can’t honestly, in good conscience accuse of us of racism now, can you?” Greg Shaprio, a member of the South Carolina police eagerly force told a group of journalists at a press conference convened on the scene of the shooting.

This latest shooting marks a turn in public perception of US police as officers involved are forced to answer difficult questions about why they shot a white man.

“The fact that he wasn’t armed isn’t relevant, if you can’t see this as progress, then honestly, there’s no pleasing you people,” Shaprio added as his hand instinctively reached for the warm embrace of his firearm.

“Did we specifically shoot this man because he was white? Of course, how else were we going to get you guys to shut up about black lives mattering? Look, we rang you before checking his pulse that’s how serious we are about proving we’re not racist,” Shapiro concluded.

The groundswell of anger surrounding the killing of 34-year-old white man Wayne Rodgers has yet to reach the majority of websites and news publications, much to the disappointment of South Carolina police.