Going To The Pub Still Only Social Activity Nation Can Conceive Of Doing


DESPITE its best effort the Nation at large is failing to consider the possibility that there is another social activity in Ireland that can be enjoyed that isn’t the pub.

“There’s a cognitive dissonance at play here,” explained psychologist Peter Frawley, “Ireland is, collectively, completely unable to grasp, conceptually, the idea of meeting friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family in a social setting if that setting is not the local pub”.

A recent study conducted by Frawley surveyed some 4.5 million Irish people and asked them their top 50 favourite activities to do with friends, with almost 100% of participants simply responding with the names of 50 different pubs.

While many responders to the survey had heard of other activities that didn’t involve being in a pub, they admitted to struggling immensely with concept, claiming it was ‘very abstract’.

“Sure, come on now, with our weather, what else can you be doing. Trying anything else, like going outdoors, would just be taking a huge risk,” explained one member of the Nation surveyed as part of the study.

Many critics of Frawley’s study pointed out that now summer is finally here, many people will shift their social activities as the weather gets warmer.

“There’s some lovely, lovely beer gardens out there, I’ve every intention of branching out, social activity wise when the sun comes out, like,” added another study participant Andrew Barrett.