JobBridge Intern To Be Made Full Time


JOBBRIDGE intern Kevin Murray has been rewarded for his dedication and hard work with a lasting and concrete gesture which confirms the media studies graduate can be fully welcomed as a real member of a media outfit.

Editor at Ireland’s most trusted news source Paddy Browne sowed the seeds of hope yesterday when he ‘accidentally’ cc’d Kevin in an office email which asked staff to bring in cakes and balloons to help Kevin celebrate becoming a full time member of staff.

Unbeknownst to Kevin, he has been marked out as this year’s office April Fools target, with good natured joker and WWN entertainment correspondent Terry Bull informing Kevin several days ago that he could expect some good job news.

Buoyed by the news Kevin immediately informed his local social welfare officer, asking to be formally taken off the dole and the JobBridge scheme. The 24-year-old even spent the remaining money he had on a new suit from Penneys forgoing the purchasing of the weekly shop.

The rib-tickling Aprils Fools prank reached a hilarious crescendo when following Mr. Browne’s delivery of a heartwarming speech about Kevin’s contribution to WWN since his arrival he told Kevin there was a surprise waiting for him in the toilet.

Kevin was greeted by the entire office, armed with mops and buckets, laughing heartily in the knowledge the best April Fools pranks are the ones which everyone can enjoy and laugh at.

Despite Kevin’s protestation about getting urine and excrement on his new suit he was ordered mop the floor until he could see his teary-eyed reflection in the tiles.