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Inauguration Held Up While Trump Sorts Out ‘Some Little Punk’ On Twitter

PROCEEDINGS at the presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington DC have been temporarily held up, while president-elect Donald Trump engages in a bitter online flame-war with a Twitter user named ‘MarkBigBallz69’. Despite family members and White House aides urging Trump to ‘just let it go’, the soon-to-be 45th president of the United States stood hammering at… Read more »

Trump Nominates Himself For Nobel Peace Prize

AN IRATE and hurt president-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter late last night to criticise the world for failing to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, WWN can confirm. “I’ve been prez-elect since November 8th. No Nobel Peace Price nom. SAD,” Trump said, failing to spell ‘prize’ correctly, such was the fury with which… Read more »

“Америка теперь будет идти в новом направлении,” Trump Confirms In Worrying Address

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s latest public address has done little to alleviate fears among American voters that the Republican may be under Russian influence, WWN can reveal. Taking to the podium at a press conference at Trump Tower with a visible earpiece, the president-elect took no questions, instead preferring to deliver a short address exclusively in… Read more »

Trump Refuses To Leave Room After Hearing He Can’t Launch Nuclear Weapon At Inauguration

“GO AWAY, go away, no, I’m not listening, go away” THE words of president-elect Donald Trump as he locked himself in his Trump Tower penthouse apartment bedroom this morning. Reacting with customary petulance, the soon-to-be president of the United States threw himself with all his might into a tantrum of epic proportions after being informed… Read more »

Respectable Irish Businessman And Humanitarian Targeted By Donald Trump

THE campaign team behind presidential nominee Donald Trump has today dragged the good name of Irish businessman Denis O’Brien into disrepute, in a damning email released late last night. The focus of the lengthy outburst, which bizarrely draws attention to Mr. O’Brien’s kind hearted €22 million donation to the Clinton Foundation, attempts to blacken the Irish humanitarian’s good work in… Read more »