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Fears Grow That Musk Buying Twitter May Turn It Into Some Nazi-Riddled Hate-Filled Site Full Of Idiots

TESLA mogul Elon Musk’s plan to purchase Twitter has sparked concern that the currently-idyllic social media platform may turn into a breeding ground for resentment and contempt, populated solely by attention seekers and oddballs. Musk, who earlier this week decided against joining Twitter’s board of directors after hearing he would have to undergo a background… Read more »

X Æ A-12 Already Needs Software Update

A BAFFLED Elon Musk is to spend most of today on the phone with customer support after realising that his new baby X Æ A-12 requires a software update despite Musk ‘only getting it a few days ago’. “Why don’t they ship them with the most up-to-date software” mused the billionaire and partner of Grimes,… Read more »