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Vaccine Breakthrough As Homeopathic Scientists Test Essential Oils

OXFORD scientists were initially credited with the vaccine breakthrough but it now appears a dedicated team of middle-aged mothers who believe essential oils are the cure to everything have trumped all fast-tracked government-backed vaccine trials across the world. “No. More lavender!” barked one woman, Norma Healy, who batted away nearby PHD researchers, “it’s natural healing… Read more »

Man Who Broke Lockdown Constantly & Never Wears Mask Annoyingly Hasn’t Gotten Covid-19 Yet

LOCAL Covid-19 scofflaw Miles O’Hannon is still free from Coronavirus despite adhering to none of the precautionary measures or regulations laid out by the government, much to the chagrin of his ‘goody two-shoes’ neighbours and friends. O’Hannon, 35, tackled Coronavirus with an ‘it’s all a load of shite’ approach that many believed would surely come… Read more »

Covid Tracker App: Here’s How To Find Charizard

THE Covid-19 contact tracing app may only have been live for a few days, but already people are discovering fun ways to grind out rewards quicker than simply wandering around hoping to get lucky! With over one million downloads making it the fastest-downloaded Irish app since the Farmers Journal App, the Covid-19 tracker app is… Read more »

Man Who Uses WhatsApp, TikTok, Google Maps, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Apps Has Privacy Concerns About Covid-19 App

THE launch of the HSE’s Covid-19 Contact Tracing App was met with a chorus of ‘no fucking way’ from people adamant they will only permit sharing their personal data through the use of apps belonging to five, maybe six massive multi-national corporations and tech firms at best. The tracker, which uses geographical location data to… Read more »

Funeral Etiquette During Covid-19 As Advised By Sinn Féin

IT CAN be hard to know how to correctly follow very clear guidelines on things such as attending funerals during the continuing presence and risk of Covid-19 on the island of Ireland. Thankfully, Sinn Féin is here to help you artfully navigate through the dos and don’ts of funeral attendance and the proper etiquette which… Read more »