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HSE Down To Last Wire Brush, Bottle Of Dettol

ANYONE currently awaiting treatment for ailments ranging from chronic piles to chronic pyorrhoea have been advised to check with their local hospital to see if their appointment has been cancelled, after the HSE admitted that cutbacks have decimated its supply of Dettol, and the one wire brush owned by the health executive is ‘fucked’. Furthermore, the… Read more »

Government Order Fresh Batch Of Whitewash Ahead Of CervicalCheck Report

WHITEWASH with a street value of €400m is currently on its way to Leinster House in a convoy of articulated tanker trucks from a limestone quarry in the midlands, following a quantity report that suggested that the government’s stocks for 2018 were already depleted, with fresh developments in the CervicalCheck scandal just around the corner. It is… Read more »

Do You Dream Of Being Overworked, Undervalued & Exploited? Have You Considered Becoming A Nurse?

ARE YOU looking for a career that gives you all you’ve ever wanted in life? Are those things you’re searching for bineg ‘overworked’, ‘undervalued’ and ‘exploited’? Well then WWN Jobs might just have the perfect position for you. Nursing is a noble profession which is often called a ‘vocation’ or considered ‘a calling’. What do… Read more »

Local Man Too Hungry To Chance The Falafel

A FAMISHED Waterford man currently trying to decide what to eat for lunch has confirmed he is actually “too hungry” to try the Falafel, but promised to make the decision to eat one someday, just not today. Mark Ryan, 44, who could probably do with losing a few pounds now that he thinks about it, has… Read more »