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Zidane Wins Appeal Over Bald Fraud Conviction

AN EGREGIOUS miscarriage of justice that has been the subject of several Making A Murderer style documentaries on online streaming platforms has finally had a happy ending after Zinedine Zidane has his bald fraud conviction overturned after a successful appeal. An injustice to rival any, Mr. Zidane (48) was convicted by a jury convened by… Read more »

Court Hears John Delaney Still An Awful Prick

FORMER FAI CEO John Delaney has made the news again today as part of an ongoing OCDE investigation into the financial affairs of the FAI during his disastrous tenure. The court heard of arrangements made by the corporate watchdog to clarify the nature of some documents and files with Delaney, who is currently residing and… Read more »

Calls Grow For Marcus Rashford To Replace British Government

FOLLOWING Manchester United player Marcus Rashford’s efforts in helping to raise £20 million to feed 3 million people during the Covid-19 crisis, the British public are backing calls to have the 22-year-old replace the entire government. Polling at an impressive ‘not a Tory psychopath’ according to the latest polls, Rashford, who spoke passionately about the… Read more »

Local Man An Expert In The German League All Of A Sudden

STUDIOUS and prolific, Olympic-level bullshitter Conor Shellin has been given a new lease of life thanks to the behind-closed-doors return of the Bundesliga. Decamped to his couch all weekend and mainlining hours of football after weeks of devastating withdrawals, Shellin was a hyperactive presence on WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram delivering stats, facts and opinions on… Read more »

How To Cope With The Liverpool Fans In Your Life

LIVERPOOL FC are just four more precious Premier League wins away from ending their long wait for a league title, and as the day draws ever nearer non-Liverpool fans are deep in discussions trying to find ways to cope with the sure-to-be insufferable gloating and outpouring of maudlin tears. WWN Sports is on hand to… Read more »