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List Of Celebrities Not Pictured With Epstein, Putin Or Saudi Royalty Getting Shorter By The Day

PR FIRMS have advised their celebrity clients that while they will do their absolute best when it comes to old photos of them hugging some of the world’s most now-despised human beings, they’re ‘not miracle workers’ and some of this dirt ‘might just have to stick’. “We’re coming hot off a year where pictures just… Read more »

Celebrities Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

EARTH’S leading lights were kind enough to share their New Year’s resolutions with WWN and we’re delighted to be able to share them with you, the filthy members of the public who aren’t good enough to be used as toilet papers by any of them: “Yeah this whole living my life as a gay man…I… Read more »

Oscar Winners You Didn’t Know Are Murderers

As part of our Her Daily EnterJoement series WWN brings you the latest in the world of fun, entertainment and mild obsession with famous people. We can’t help get a little bit excited for this Sunday’s Oscar awards and so we’ve put together this awesome list of cold blooded murderers who also happen to be… Read more »