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Australia Reopen Pubs, The Pricks

THE New South Wales region of Australia is set to reunite its downtrodden masses with their local pub, the jammy pricks, WWN can confirm. Pub-denied Irish people learned of the news as Sydney based Irish expats flooded their social media feeds with the usual displays of a far superior way of life abroad, the fucking… Read more »

Australian Archbishop Who Covered Up Child Sex Abuse Sentenced To 44 Our Fathers, 12 Hail Marys

A FORMER Australian archbishop has been handed down a staggering 24 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys after being convicted of covering up child sex abuse, but managed to escape several decades of the rosary due to his age. A Newcastle Magistrate ordered Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson to be detained at his sister’s house for at least six months,… Read more »

Australia Vote ‘Yes’ Despite The Havoc & Destruction Marriage Equality Has Caused In Ireland

AUSTRALIANS currently celebrating their ‘yes vote’ to marriage equality which paves the way for Malcolm Turnbull’s government to put the decision before parliament and subsequently legislate accordingly, have been sent a harrowing and shocking warning from the people of Ireland. Scenes of joyous celebrations on the streets of the non-western Sydney part of the country… Read more »