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6 Things That Could Be Killing Your Child Right Now

It’s important not to take your child’s safety for granted and that’s WWN has complied a must read list for all decent and responsible parents: 1 – Outdoors. All too often parents make the mistake of allowing their children outdoors. The outside world is the single biggest threat to your children. Do you know where… Read more »

Boko Haram Massacre: Who Wore What?

Combat fatigues and black headgear were out in front at this weekend’s Boko Haram massacre in the small Nigerian town of Baga, where a band of the vicious fighters decimated the population while dressed in some of the latest military fashions. Dark greens and browns are no-brainers for the average member of the militant Islamic… Read more »

8 People We Hope To Lose In 2015

WWN presents you with the most comprehensive list of people we all hope to lose in 2015. While other news publications may claim their list is the definitive list, ours is in fact the most definitive of definitive lists. It wasn’t easy narrowing the list down to just eight, but we tried our best. 1… Read more »

LOL! 6 Pets Who ‘Can’t Even’ Right Now

THAT’S right, WWN is back with yet another exhaustive list of pets that, due to a variety of factors, have lost the ability to ‘even’. We’re as proud as ever to bring you our 4,356th pet-related list this week. First rule of animals who can’t even club is to can’t even yourself and that’s certainly… Read more »

7 Ways To Break Up With Your Dog

We’ve all been there, you had a good run but you can’t shake the fact that your dog just isn’t giving you that warm fuzzy feeling anymore and your caught in a loveless dog/owner situation, what to do? Kick that mutt to the curb with our handy ‘how to’ guide. 1) ‘It’s not you it’s… Read more »