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The 6 Best Ways To Kill Your Boss

NOT appreciated by your boss? Is he/she giving you a hard time over the hours you put in? Or do you just have an insatiable lust for murder? Or is it even worse, and your boss has declared the office a zero banter zone? WWN is on hand to bring you the definitive ways to… Read more »

7 Ways To Sell Your Shit App At The Web Summit

WITH over 30,000 people descending on Dublin’s RDS for the Web Summit this week, it is very hard for you and your business idea to stand out. However, it’s next to impossible to stand out if you are hawking a particularly shite app. For the tech visionary in need, WWN has provided 7 handy ways… Read more »

4 Mistakes We All Make When Choosing Insurance Providers

YOU don’t need insurance until you need insurance or so the sinister, almost threatening phrase goes. And as much as we’re forced into getting insurance for our homes, health and cars, we’ve only ourselves to blame when we realise we’ve just €500 on absolutely fuck all coverage. Here’s four mistakes everyone makes when signing up… Read more »

6 Signs You Absolutely Love ‘The Banter’

THE BANTER is beloved by thousands of Irish people, but the Irish male has a rare and unique bond with the banter than seems unbreakable and unsurpassable by anyone else. Here below, WWN presents 5 signs that you absolutely love the banter, as a way of confirming such an affirmation if it was not already… Read more »

5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Dead

IT may come as a shock to learn, but sadly some of our most beloved celebrities are dead. We’ve compiled a list of 5 celebrities that are sadly no longer with us, whose deaths may have escaped your attention at the time. 1) Brad Pitt. Born Bradley Hartigan Pitt, the Hollywood heartthrob had starred in… Read more »

5 Election Promises All Parties Are Afraid To Make

WE are still without an exact date for Ireland’s next general election, but several things are already abundantly clear to the average Irish voter as election speculation reaches fever pitch. There are just some election promises the big parties refuse to make, for fear of alienating key voters who could get them elected, but the… Read more »