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7 Problems Only A Racist Will Understand

WWN knows that there are certain things you just can’t explain as a racist to those who aren’t racist. They totes don’t get it! There are classic everyday problems that mean sometimes you can’t even. So if you’re racist these problems are absolutely something you will totally identify with. 1) Did you leave your house… Read more »

7 Hilarious Gerry Adams Tweets

As you are all aware, Gerry Adams’ tweets are by far the most humorous among the politicians. His clever wit and quirky goings on are similar to that of Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’s so damn zany! So we decided to put together seven of his very best tweets for your enjoyment. 1) 2) 3)… Read more »

6 Things That Could Be Killing Your Child Right Now

It’s important not to take your child’s safety for granted and that’s WWN has complied a must read list for all decent and responsible parents: 1 – Outdoors. All too often parents make the mistake of allowing their children outdoors. The outside world is the single biggest threat to your children. Do you know where… Read more »