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7 Mistakes Every Kid Makes On The First Day Of School

THE first day of primary school is vital in the formation of a child’s fragile psyche, but sadly all too common mistakes can have a devastating effect on their education. Here, WWN highlight some basic mistakes almost every child makes in the hope that future generations can avoid such poor decision making: 1) Answering questions… Read more »

5 Times God Just Sorta Left You To It

GOD is always by your side, through the dark times and the bright. Whenever you think you’re alone, with nobody to help you, God is right there beside you. Always. Well, most of the time. There’s been a few times when he just kinda left you to it, like when… 1) When you got shitfaced at… Read more »

The 10 Most Controversial Rose Of Tralee Moments

THE Rose of Tralee is Ireland’s most treasured competition, which appraises a woman’s various qualities as she stands there in a nice dress, but the historic event hasn’t been without its controversies. Ahead of the start of this year’s Rose of Tralee this evening, we bring you the 10 most controversial moments in its storied… Read more »

5 Must-See Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

THERE’S so many incredible, can’t-miss documentaries hiding away on Netflix that it can be a little overwhelming for the casual viewer who uses the video streaming service just to watch movies they’ve already seen and episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  If you’ve ever felt left out while friends or co-workers discuss watching “an… Read more »