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WWN Guide To Multitasking As A Man

WHILE women are famous for multitasking and telling you they can multitask, sadly men are truly bereft of this simple skill. However, thanks to recent advancements in science, there is hope for penis owners. While society is waiting for several scientific patents to be cleared for commercial use, WWN presents men with a few tips… Read more »

WWN Guide To Starting College

MANY new students have taken to colleges up and down the country this week, but with little experience of third level education it can be a perilous and scary time. Let WWN guide you through what could well be an awkward bedding in period with some simple tips and information. For those students who have… Read more »

7 Mistakes Every Kid Makes On The First Day Of School

THE first day of primary school is vital in the formation of a child’s fragile psyche, but sadly all too common mistakes can have a devastating effect on their education. Here, WWN highlight some basic mistakes almost every child makes in the hope that future generations can avoid such poor decision making: 1) Answering questions… Read more »

5 Times God Just Sorta Left You To It

GOD is always by your side, through the dark times and the bright. Whenever you think you’re alone, with nobody to help you, God is right there beside you. Always. Well, most of the time. There’s been a few times when he just kinda left you to it, like when… 1) When you got shitfaced at… Read more »