Waterford Woman Keeps Thinking Today Is Friday

A COUNTY Waterford woman said that she keeps thinking today is Friday, and not Thursday, as it says on the universal calendar of time. Theresa Stokes claimed that she first believed it was Friday when she woke up this morning in her bed. “I was in bed this morning when I woke up thinking it… Read more »

Thousands Of People Report Water Falling From Sky

THOUSANDS of social network users took to the internet today to report large quantities of water falling from the sky, leaving many places ‘wet’ and ‘slippy’. The droplets, which experts believe may have been carried across the country by clouds, are understood to have originated from the sea, leaving many victims saturated with the substance…. Read more »

Long-Term Unemployed Woman Delighted To Have ‘Recession’ Excuse Again

LONG-TERM unemployed woman Geraldine Murphy said she was absolutely delighted Ireland had slipped back into recession again this week, stating that the social welfare department can now finally ‘get off her back’  to look for work. The 24-year-old council estate resident said she was ‘in and dated’ with letters looking for proof of job seeking… Read more »