‘Foreign Milk Tastes Horrible’ Agrees Everyone

A new study involving common sense and taste buds reveal Ireland is not yet willing to accept ‘foreign milk’ or UHT Milk as it is more commonly referred to. Statistics show other European nations consume UHT Milk at a far higher rate than Ireland. When on holidays, Irish people are often faced with no option… Read more »

Woman In Search Of True Love Scores Underwhelming 33-Year-Old Male In Nightclub

Dublin native Caoimhe Carey is recovering today from an almighty hangover after the latest ‘girl’s night out’. Caoimhe, the last of her single friends, was politely condescended to by her married friends as they insisted she would ‘find the one’ despite expressing no dissatisfaction at being single. As the night progressed and several wine bottles… Read more »

Large Increase In ‘Half-cut’ Housewives Leaving Self-Righteous Comments On Social Networking Sites, Finds Study

A NEW study has found a massive increase in ‘half-cut’ housewives leaving self-righteous comments on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, it has been revealed today. The study, which was carried out by Irish Media Statistics, found that 5 out of every 10 housewives had nothing else better to do with their lives than leave… Read more »