Men Everywhere Now Understand Benefits Of Make-Up

The #NoMakeUpSelfie craze has now raised over €500,000 for the Irish Cancer Society but it has shattered a long held illusion for millions of Irish men in the process Irish Facebook and Twitter feeds have been inundated with women posting selfies without make-up, while donating €4 to the charity by texting Pink to 50300. The… Read more »

Pubs Still Reeking of Fags 10 Years After Smoking Ban

TEN YEARS after Ireland became the first nation to completely ban smoking in the workplace, a new survey shows that most pubs still stink of cigarettes. It is believed that the smell is being artificially maintained by landlords in an effort to keep their premises ‘authentic’. “It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years… Read more »

You Are Drunk

WWN can reveal after carrying out an extensive survey of the Irish public, chances are you are probably quite drunk right now at this very moment. It is thought that the vast majority of Irish men are currently urinating in public while Irish women look on in envious horror. A total of 15% of the… Read more »

Dog Has No Clue Where That Ball Went

“I saw him throw it like he always does, but I didn’t see it land” Ben the Chocolate Labrador barked at WWN today. The 3 year old in dog years, who lives with his owner Stephen O’Grady in Wexford, reportedly loved that yellow tennis ball dearly sleeping with it every night in his kennel. According… Read more »

Stupid Fucking Idiots Easily Offended

THE MOST moronic among us are susceptible to taking offence to almost anything, it has emerged. A study conducted by the Institute of Studies has concluded that even the slightest mention of some opinion or thought contrary to one that a brainless idiot holds results in that fucking idiot taking offence. “It’s really quite simple,”… Read more »