Stephen And Steven Destined To Be Mortal Enemies

As Stephen Quinlan enjoyed a few sociable drinks yesterday evening he was introduced to his future arch nemesis Steven Doyle. Tom Flanagan, Stephen’s best friend since childhood brought along his work colleague Steven feeling the two of them were destined to really hit it off. Tom mentioned to his two friends how they had plenty… Read more »

Sex Advice Column Just A Series Of Words Chosen At Random

PRECOCIOUS student Donal Connelly (19) made a startling discovery earlier today while reading a sex advice column. Donal had been an avid reader of a sex column for several years in an attempt to bypass the rite of passage that is awkward and disappointing sex which plagues most peoples’ early forays into sexual intercourse. Donal,… Read more »

Guy Sitting Next To You On The Bus Listening To His Music Having A ‘Moment’

Unbeknownst to you, during your daily morning commute into work, a fellow passenger was having what people commonly call ‘a moment’. 26-year-old Graphic Designer Paul Cullen, not fully content with just enjoying the precious few minutes leading up to the daily grind, descended into a deeply existential state. As the window next to you fogged… Read more »

Work Colleagues Comb Over Freaking Everybody Out

There were tense scenes today in the offices of Barnes Management Solutions as owner of the company Barry Barnes unveiled his new comb over to staff. In a muted showcase for his new hairstyle, the quite obviously balding 46-year-old, walked through the open plan offices to the staff kitchen without drawing attention to the straggles… Read more »