New Diet Craze Will Only Kill 30% Of Participants

A new dieting craze which has been sweeping the Nation since the 1st of January has come under fresh scrutiny following a number of revelations. Thousands of people up and down the country have been partaking in the new ‘uber diet’ Gutt Ü after leading magazines and prominent social media accounts claimed a number of… Read more »

Man Wearing Skinny Jeans Has Penis Removed

Dublin student and fashion conscious male Brian Farrell took the drastic step of having his penis surgically removed WWN can report. Farrell (21), an avid wearer of skinny jeans took the unexpected step of having the elective surgery in order to make his day-to-day life more manageable. “It’s something I’ve thought long and hard about,”… Read more »

Twins Just Delighted To Be Dressed Exactly The Same

Two years old twins Eloise and Elodie Duffy are believed to be overjoyed at the news that this evening’s costume change will see them dressed in identical outfits. The twins were looking forward to a family dinner celebrating their second birthdays, but much of that excitement has now dulled upon learning they will probably never… Read more »

Incredibly Boring Person Insists On Telling A Story

A group of friends gathered for dinner in the house of Daniel Fitzgerald yesterday evening in the hope of enjoying some good company and even better food. However, the night was to take a coma-inducing turn when Andrew ‘Andy’ Mongey decided to share with his friends a long and terribly uninteresting story. Bouyed by the… Read more »

Grammar Nazi’s Day Ruined After Seeing Spalling Mistake

27-year-old Masters student Donal Flynn was all set to enjoy a stress free day until he spotted a spalling mistake in an article posted by a friend on their Facebook feed. The seemingly inconsequential occurrence drew considerable ire from Flynn, compelling him to point out the spalling mistake to his friend with Flynn even suggesting… Read more »