This Story Of A 12-Year-Old Quadriplegic Boy Suffering From Aids And Cancer Who Is Also A Billionaire Professor Is The Most Inspiring Story You Will Read In The Next 3 Minutes

A story to melt even the coldest of hearts. We definitely cried when we read this on the site, we stole the story from. We defy you not to shed a tear as we tell you the story of the amazing Dwight Longhorn, from Phoenix, Arizona, who continues to triumph in the face of adversity…. Read more »

Woman Find’s True Love With Elderly Man’s Bank Balance

In local news today a Tramore woman is said to be planning Waterford’s biggest ever wedding after a chance encounter with an infirm and elderly American Billionaire earlier this month. Trudy Gilmartin, met Texan billionaire Roy Herbert Jones (89) by chance after closely monitoring his movements via a number of social media sites. They bumped… Read more »