Large Increase In ‘Half-cut’ Housewives Leaving Self-Righteous Comments On Social Networking Sites, Finds Study

A NEW study has found a massive increase in ‘half-cut’ housewives leaving self-righteous comments on social networking sites like facebook and twitter, it has been revealed today. The study, which was carried out by Irish Media Statistics, found that 5 out of every 10 housewives had nothing else better to do with their lives than leave… Read more »

Irishwoman Spends €25,000 On Party For Herself

After sending out intricate invites that required a cartographer to understand, Siobhan Cahill (29) finally threw a lavish party for herself. Siobhan made sure to give as many as 5 months notice to 200 of her closest friends and family. Close to 150 people responded to Siobhan’s request that they celebrate her as a person… Read more »

Office Intrigued As Female Colleague Recounts A Really Strange Dream She Had Last Night

PRODUCTIVITY hit an all time low for one local recruitment office this morning as tens of employees gathered to hear about Marion Kelly’s ‘really strange dream’ she had last night. The 44-year-old reportedly came into to work ‘in a doozy’ after having one of the most oddly fascinating dreams she has ever had in her whole entire life ever. It wasn’t long before… Read more »