Woman Faces Media Ridicule After Attempting To Conform To Media’s Beauty Standards

ACCLAIMED actress Renee Zellweger has become the brunt of relentless ridicule after undergoing extensive plastic surgery to conform to beauty standards set by society. The Oscar-winning actress was barely recognisable as she attended the Elle Magazine 21 Annual Women in Hollywood event, sending journalists and online commentators into meltdown as they attempted to one-up each… Read more »

Bono ‘Sound’ Now

U2 frontman Bono is ‘sound’ now after coming out as a glaucoma sufferer on the Graham Norton show last Friday night. The star said he has had the condition, which can lead to blindness if not treated, for twenty years and that is why he wears sunglasses all the time. Glaucoma can make the eyes… Read more »

Dublin Father Suspicious Of Daughter’s Creepy Doll Collection After Watching Horror Movie

DUBLIN father and self-confessed hardman Kevin Ganley is growing increasingly suspicious of his daughter’s doll collection after a trip to the cinema to see horror movie Annabelle. Kevin became petrified while watching the movie which centres around a doll wreaking havoc on a family in 1970s LA. Consequently the father of one struggled to read… Read more »

“Fuck It, Gimme A Steak” – Morrissey

FORMER Smiths frontman and hardcore vegetarian Morrissey has stunned the world by gorging himself on a massive steak dinner while eating out with friends in London, during a break from his current European tour. The “Charming Man” singer, who infamously once equated meat-eaters to paedophiles and stated that there was no difference between an abattoir… Read more »

Love/Hate Accused Of Glamorising RTÉ

POPULAR crime drama Love/Hate has come under fire from a concerned group of writers and actors who claim the show glamorises RTÉ with its high production values and gripping story-lines. The show, which begins its fifth season on Sunday night, has received widespread critical acclaim for its gritty depiction of gangland crime in Ireland, and… Read more »