WWN Event Guide

HERE’S what’s happening around the country in the coming days: DUBLIN Ireland’s 5th annual Marriage Games takes place in the RDS this weekend. Don’t miss out on event highlights such as ‘Wife-throwing’ and the ‘Quickest to leave their husband’ event which sees the wife who can write an angry letter, pack up a suitcase, and… Read more »

World Just 400,134 Viral Videos Away From Ending Sexism

FOLLOWING the recent spate of enlightening videos regarding the prevalence of sexism in modern society, experts have confirmed that the world is just 400,134 videos away from ending sexism. “OK, so that’s not an exact figure but it’s pretty accurate give or take seven either way,” confirmed viral video expert Leona Gregory. The maelstrom of… Read more »

“God Obviously Wants To Keep His Messenger On Earth For Another Few Years” – Bono

U2 FRONTMAN Bono cheated death yesterday afternoon when a door fell off an aeroplane that was carrying him and four friends to Berlin. The aircraft’s entire tailgate section had also completely detached, with luggage falling 8,000 feet into the German countryside. “God obviously wants to keep his messenger on earth for another few years,” said… Read more »