Louis Walsh Comes Out As An Unbearable Man

The ‘music’ world was left shocked when influential X-factor judge and boy band enthusiast Louis Walsh announced that is finally coming out as an unbearable man. In a blog post on his website Walsh confirmed it had been tough to admit ‘but as many suspected, speculated and claimed I am an unbearable man’. ‘Most people… Read more »

Nations Arses Finally Unclench Following Pussy Riot Interview

AFTER an agonizing and uncomfortable few days, bumholes nationwide are starting to unclench following the excruciating appearance by Russian punk rock group, Pussy Riot, on RTEs The Saturday Night Show at the weekend. Following what has been called ‘the most cringe-inducing moments on Irish television since Jerry Seinfeld met Pat Kenny’, thousands of people were… Read more »

Whats On The Box This Coming Week

30 things to do With Your Kids Communion Money; -Financial- Monday, 22.00- RTE2 With Communion season closing in, Eddie Hobbs shows you how to use the money your kid collected from friends and relatives to shore up your ailing finances. This week, Eddie helps a family convince their 7 year old daughter to use the… Read more »

Kiev Protesters Demand Justin Bieber Charges Be Dropped

The recent demonstrations in Ukraine have taken a strange turn today with leaders of the protests demanding that charges against pop star Justin Bieber be dropped. The Euromaiden protests have, up until this point, been carried out as a response to the current President’s reluctance to integrate the country further with Europe and the perceived… Read more »