Macauley Culkin Signs On For ‘Home Alone 6’

The sequel to the popular series has a working title of ‘Kevin’s Intervention’ and will see former child star Macauley Culkin return to acting after several years away from the profession. The wildly popular 90s franchise will see a shift in tone but will stay true to the original premise of the hero, Kevin McCallister,… Read more »

Rolf Harris’ Fee For Children’s Parties Decreasing Rapidly By The Day

VETERAN entertainer Rolf Harris is feeling the brunt of today’s cut-throat entertainment marketplace, after it was revealed that the Antipodean octogenarian has been forced to dramatically reduce his fee for performing at children’s parties. Having gained fame for his singing career, which included such hits as Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Two Little Boys, SHHH! Don’t… Read more »

One Direction Claim Older Boys Made Them Do It

A SPOKESPERSON for boy band One Direction has told WWN that the members were coerced into smoking cannabis, taking a video of them smoking, and boasting about it by a group of unknown older boys. “The members of One Direction normally would never consider taking part in that activity. However,even in their early 20s, the… Read more »